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Mass Production

Mass production of precision plastic parts has been Longzu's bread and butter and our strong suit. Our multifaceted strengths and our willingness to develop, improve and grow with our customers is what wins us long term loyal customers time and time again.


Multi-cavity molds: Precision molding with high cavity counts.

Stable dimensions: Over 100 million pieces per year with the tolerance of +/- 0.001 in. 

Variety of resin: Longzu has an in-depth knowledge of a variety of high temperature, high resistant resins such as Epoxy, DAP, MP, UP, PEEK, PEI, etc.

Emphasis on quality: A fluid production process cannot be without good quality assurance every step of the way. Our strong QC team stays on top of each production from start to finish.

Compression for precision plastic parts: At Longzu, we strive to do better and to make improvements that flows down to our customers in the form of quality and reliability. We are proud to add compression as a stable method of mass producing precision plastic parts with a tolerance of +/- 0.001 in. 

Mass Prod
Project Management

For products that require assembly, Longzu can also assist with that. A dedicated project coordinator will be assigned to oversee your project from start to finish, so that you don't have to. We will customize the project to fit your needs regardless of which part of the supply chain you choose to entrust us with.


Over the years, we have built a team of trusted contractors in molding, metals and finishing whose work we confidently stand by. They share similar work ethics, professionalism, and produce Longzu-approved quality. Our cohesion with our partnering contractors (acting as one unit) allows for an increased efficiency with reduced likelihood for error.

Product Development

Our small team of engineers and mold designers are dedicated individuals who are passionate about the kind of work they do. That passion translates to added care, attention to detail, and going the extra mile to help our customers create parts that meet certain production criteria such as longevity of the mold, strength and durability of the design, assembly concerns, etc. We are problem solvers and we are here to assist you in your journey to developing a successful product.


Global Reach with Local Service

Longzu has been serving customers worldwide since the day its doors opened.

Most of our customers are unable to visit our factory or meet with our international sales team in person, but with the convenience of today's technology, we are literally one click away. We understand that a lasting relationship is one built on communication and we strive to exceed our customer's expectations.  

For our North American customers, we now offer local warehousing services right here in El Paso, TX.

We hold our deadlines very seriously as a delay can have a ripple effect that can potentially cause our customers great loss. We've continuously received full marks for on-time delivery on the customer issued Supplier Ratings multiple years in a row. 

Our customers' success is our success.


At Longzu, we understand the importance of keeping our customers' intellectual property secure and have taken extra precautions to build a safe and trusting environment for our customers to freely exchange sensitive information.

Sign and honor a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) with customers and participating subcontractors.

Data access restrictions through job assignment from IT systems to ensure that only project team members are authorized to access to the project data

Mail, FTP, and data servers are all managed by a dedicated internal IT service team.

Sensitive paper files that need to be discarded are shredded.

All employees are trained in product confidentiality.

Security cameras survey the factory floors 24-7.

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